A new set of rules in California governing advertising will go into event in the New Year that will impact the way real estate brokers and agents advertise in the Golden State.

According to Realtytimes.com, Gov. Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 1650 into law more than a year ago. It is only now getting ready to take effect because lawmakers recognized the costs associated with the change.

Under the new law, a licensee must include his or her name, license identification number, and their responsible broker’s identity on all solicitations intended to be a first point of contact with consumers.

These materials include business cards, stationery, and advertising brochures or flyers; advertisements on television, in print, or electronic media; and “for sale”, “for rent”, “for lease”, “open house”, and directional signs, unless an exception applies.
The exception that applies to the type of signs referenced is that no agent identification is required for those types of signs if either the responsible broker’s identity is included on the sign, or (2) there is no identification at all on the sign.

If a directional or “for sale” sign has the company name on it, that sign would not also require the name and identification number of an agent.  A directional sign with “open house” is also permitted.

Any sign with the agent’s name and/or number, but without the identification of the broker of record. If the agent’s name is there, the broker’s must be also.

The law also requires that the font size of the identification number is no smaller than the smallest size of any other type used in the material.

Moreover, if the name of more than one licensee appears in the material, the license identification number of each must appear also.

Lastly, if a team names or nickname is used, the rules that were in place for those cases still apply.

It also is worth remembering that in California and elsewhere, under the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, there are additional rules that apply to advertising.

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