No doubt, Zillow is trying to upend all aspects of real estate. Now Zillow is on the hunt to “democratize” real estate imagery by offering an A-I powered mobile platform for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) users to take and use 3-D home tours for free on Zillow’s dashboard and beyond.

Last year, Zillow learned in its Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report that 3-D tours of recorded video was very important in helping potential Generation Z (45%) and Millennial (41%) buyers make their home buying decisions. Since Gen Z and Millennial buyers are the largest demographic groups among first-time buyers, it makes complete sense that Zillow pursued this 3-D tour effort.

According to Josh Weisberg, Zillow’s Director of Product Development, 3-D and Computer Vision departments, “Making 3-D home tours for all sellers and agents to capture and add to any listing for free, in Canada and the US, is a huge (bonus) to our work in making real estate transactions more seamless, on demand experiences for consumers.”

The 3-D Home app is available on Apple’s app store in order to benefit all sellers, all buyers and all agents at all price points. No longer are 3-D home tours available just to high-end property listings. No longer are 3-D cameras available only in high-priced cameras. Any seller/agent can make these 3-D home tours in 15-20 minutes, according to Zillow, as long as those users use iOS devices.

These A-I 3-D home tours are shot within the app with on-screen instructions to guide the shooter through the process. Photos are then uploaded to the Zillow dashboard to “stitch” together the images, enhance the exposure and select the most representative images of each room/area in the house. Users can then make the 3-D tours available immediately on Zillow’s “My 3-D Home” dashboard, other websites, social networks and/or via shared links.

Additionally, Zillow is making this service available for For Sale By Owner users as well. All for free.

Wonder what, if anything, Matterport and Ricoh cameras have to say about this new free service that used to cost upwards of $3,000 to shoot a 3-D home tour.

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