Are one of those agents who loves prospecting? Probably not – but you don’t have to love it to excel at it! Prospecting is a crucial part of your success in real estate, and no matter how much you spend on buying leads or how many folks walk into your office, your mastery of fundamental prospecting skills will pay big dividends in nearly every area of your real estate career.

In today’s show, we’re continuing our discussion of how to truly put your heart & soul into being the best prospector you can be – and we’re going to discuss how becoming a highly effective prospector will set you apart from the competition.

Great prospectors never worry about bad market conditions or “wrong price range” opportunities – they’re focused on doing what matters most to create & convert the opportunities that are out there waiting to be profited from! It’s time to get your game on with the right types of prospecting, the proper amount of prospecting and the right skills, scripts and action to put it all into practice!

So, what is prospecting? Prospecting is the ability to generate quality business in an efficient and effective manner, with predictable and duplicatable results.

Sounds simple enough, right? But what’s the difference between someone who is really great at prospecting and someone who isn’t?

FACT: Effective prospectors are not dependent on market conditions, price range, being at the ‘right’ brokerage, or any other outside force. This requires skill, discipline and action.

Those three little words: skill, discipline and action. One of our favorite authors, Jeb Blount reminds us in his book Fanatical Prospecting, that the “prospecting you do in this 30 day period will pay off for the next 90 days.” You can imagine that once you stop for one day, one week or one month that results will consequently stop and you’ll be right back to being in serious pipeline problem!

Once you know the critical nature of prospecting every day, the key is knowing what types of prospecting you should be doing. They fall into two categories: people you know and people you don’t.

Everyone loves people they know – they are usually the easiest, after all. Almost no one likes to call on the people they don’t know, but both categories are necessary.  In today’s podcast we’ll tell you why both types of people must be part of your pipeline and how to get started in building a day in and day out prospecting plan!

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