Fact: Most sales people are terrible at lead follow up, asking for business and setting appointments.

That’s pretty sad when you consider that profit in your business is dependent on all three of these!  When profits are down, or even non-existent, ask yourself why that is?  Are you part of nearly half of the salespeople who give up closing for the sale after only one try? And when you DO summon the courage to follow-up, what are you saying?  Are you offering the prospect something of value or simply leaving a message that leaves the customer confused about what your purpose is or what you want them to do?  On todays podcast we’re going to turn everything you thought you knew about lead follow up on its head and teach you how to turn it into profit!

Remember, if profit is your product (as we always say) then you can’t be terrible at this! Don’t be the ‘typical agent’ who says things like “Hey, just calling to follow up…call me back.”

Messages like that are missing something of value! Why would they call you back if you have little to offer? Want to know a secret? People buy and sell with agents who have and do the following:

  1. Massive amounts of energy and enthusiasm. SOUND like someone you’d want to do business with.
  2. Have actual market knowledge that matters to your prospect.
  3. Call with the intent to set an appointment, not just to ‘get through’ your calls.
  4. Forget ‘mirror and match’ and actually listen to what prospects are saying.
  5. Always have something of value to say and use a call to action.

Listen to the full episode as we dissect all these points and give real life examples and scripts that you can use today to turn those leads into listings, sales and profit beyond your wildest dreams!

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