Key Highlights

  • Google Meet videoconferencing service has new features
  • Google Meet being offered free to all during COVID crisis
  • Google Meet to be eventual replacement for Google Hangouts but for now, both services currently running

Zoom came out of nowhere to become the number one videoconferencing service now being used. (One positive thing to come from the COVID pandemic?) Will Google Meet, Google’s now better than ever videoconferencing tool, be able to take out Zoom now that Zoom is already being used by seemingly every kindergarten child to old geezer in the country?

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Here are some of Google Meet’s new and improved features:

  • Superior video and audio quality that uses -30% less internet bandwidth than its predecessor thanks to the VP9 codec used by YouTube
  • Background noise cancellation to be rolled out to Google’s Enterprise customers so your dog’s barking won’t drown out your voice during a videoconferencing meeting
  • Single browser tab (works only in Google Chrome) so presenters can share high-quality video with audio content in meetings
  • AI to boost brightness of people’s faces
  • Added security of Google’s existing account system that offers two-factor authentication
  • 24 hours of running time with up to 100 participants

Clearly, Zoom has been faulted for security breaches but, supposedly, the company has remedied the problem. On the other hand, Google was built “…on top of WebRTC, which is an open-source platform that’s been specified and standardized at the Internet Engineering Task Force, which is a large group of experts around the world that take a look at the fundamental s of the internet,” said Serge LaChappelle, the Director of Product Management at G Suite.

Meet’s ability to “meet” longer than Zoom’s much shorter time frame is a bonus to those who have longer attention spans but…how many of “those” people are left in the world now that Jeffrey Katzenberg’s Quibi may become a player?

Might there be room for two videoconferencing services? Who knows but…I never count Google out of anything. Just look at its track record.

Thanks to Forbes.

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