Ever feel as though there simply isn’t enough time in a day, a week or even a month to do all the things you have to do to make your business as well as your life work?

Here are some time management strategies from Christy Murdoch Edgar, a regular contributor to InmanNews and successful real estate agent, that may help you carve out and maximize your productive time, your family/friend time and time for yourself.

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  1. Bullet Journaling can help you focus on and achieve both short-term and long-term goals.
    1. Use bullet journaling to create a visual record of your immediate events and to-do calendar, your ongoing goals and your log for future, more long-term goals.
    2. Bullet journaling is great for list-makers.
    3. Teresa Boardman initially introduced this strategy in an InmanNews
  2. Time Blocking gives you permission to set time aside on your calendar to accomplish tasks.
    1. Reserve an estimated block of time on your calendar to actually do a task. For example, time block on your calendar 1-2 hours for lead generation.
    2. Just seeing that time block on your calendar will make it more likely that you’ll actually do the task.
  3. Coming from Jerry Seinfeld, “keep the chain going.”
    1. Seinfeld encourages us to identify one or two tasks we want/need to get done on a daily basis.
    2. Once you do those tasks, mark it on your calendar.
    3. See how many days in a row you can keep that chain going simply by looking at your calendar…and then patting yourself on the back every day for doing those tasks.
  4. Coming from Dwight D. Eisenhower, divide up your tasks into categories by putting those tasks into an Eisenhower box.  The Eisenhower Box helps you create a sense of urgency AND calm for your endless to-do lists.
    1. The tasks are:
      1. DO Now – urgent and important
      2. DELAY – important but not urgent
      3. DELEGATE – urgent buy not important
      4. DELETE – not urgent nor important.
  1. Coming from Voltaire’s Candide, Tend to Your Garden
    1. Focus on concrete actions and tasks, not “what ifs” or “whys.”
    2. Helps you cut down on distractions from “outside” concerns that have no relevance to your actions/tasks.
  2. Beat the Clock was originally developed as an ADHD adaptation to help keep control of your time during the day.
    1. Set multiple alarms at the beginning of your day based upon your calendar and time blocking categories.
    2. Living your life by alarms sets you up to accomplish more because you’re prompted by an “outside” reminder to move from task to task without being stymied by things that aren’t working.
  3. The Snowball Method is a way to prioritize work.
    1. Work that results in a paycheck.
    2. Work that generates ROI.
    3. Work that generates lead generation/marketing.
    4. Work that generates passive marketing such as networking, tech, branding.
    5. Prioritize the tasks that relate to each other and do those first.
  4. Coming from Winston Churchill, break down every day and/or event into 2-3 most essential/important tasks
    1. Focus all attention on those 2-3 most essential tasks until they are accomplished.
  5. Single Tasking is the opposite of multi-tasking.
    1. Do one thing at a time, do it right and then move on when that task is completed.
    2. This may not be possible in the course of your day but the more you stay on one task at a time, the more you’ll get done.

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