While enjoying the holidays and finishing up your final transactions for 2019, think about ways in which you’d like the New Year to be one of new beginnings for realizing your business goals.

John Giffen, the director of broker operations with Benchmark Realty, shared his organizational method of accomplishing both his short-term and long-term goals in a recent article for InmanNews. Check out Giffen’s thinking and consider how you might adapt his strategies to enhance your end results for 2020.

Giffen breaks down real estate business goals in short-term and long-term tactics. The underpinnings of Giffin’s strategies include…

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  • The number of prospects needed to add to your database,
  • The number of prospects you need to convert to clients,
  • The volume of business you need to create in order to both service and realize your goals,
  • The number of revenue streams you need to both service and realize your goals.

Giffin focuses on realistic, attainable goals, not shoulda, woulda, coulda goals. By defining goals as realistic and attainable, Giffen encourages agents to focus on what needs to be done NOW.

 First thing every morning or the previous night before, Giffin encourages real estate agents to write down what needs to be accomplished that day, the coming week and during the coming month. Keep, do not throw away, what you write down every day so you can track those goals, measure those goals and give yourself a HUGE pat on the back for your productivity. 

The ONE of 1-7-30 – Daily Goals – High Priority, Immediate Goals

  • Write down the number of calls you need to make to prospects.
  • Write down the number of calls you need to make to past clients.
  • Write down what’s needed to follow-up with your current listings and/or active contracts.
  • Write down the transaction items that need to be done…today.
  • Also write down ANY personal items in the rest of your life that need to be done…today.

The SEVEN of 1-7-30 – Weekly Goals

  • Weekly goals may incorporate some of your daily goals that need to be done.
  • Weekly goals include projects that need to be done in the next seven days as well as “larger” issues.
    • A new marketing or promotional piece.
    • Meetings with your coach/broker on how to work with clients, relocation issues, negotiation strategies, etc.
    • Planning a podcast that might be targeting brokers, agents, clients.

The THIRTY of 1-7-30 – Monthly Goals – Longer-term, Attainable Goals

  • Continuing education class for your license renewal or specializations.
  • Building/Renovating your website.
  • Marketing plans for specific demographics.

Thanks to John Giffin and his article in InmanNews for source data.

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