Key Highlights

  • On top of Apple’s already installed apps, these 11 third-party apps will extend and enhance your iPhone’s capabilities
  • Keyboard apps, integration of iCloud services, password managers and VPN apps to enhance your online services and security
  • All apps included here are FREE; some have “super” versions for nominal monthly fees

Google’s Gboard Keyboard

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  • Search for emojis, GIFs and stickers
  • Find and insert links to YouTube videos
  • Look up any term or name
  • Look up addresses on GoogleMaps or Address Book or foreign words in GoogleTranslate
  • You can do all of this WITHOUT having to leave the message you’re typing

Mozilla’s FirefoxFocus – a privacy-first mobile browser so you can get and keep information for and to yourself

  • This app shields your browsing from unwanted eyes
  • Automatically blocks advertising, social media and website analytics trackers on sites you visit
  • Whenever you close the app, it erases your browsing history.
  • For your safety, the autocomplete option only works for website destinations that have been vetted by Mozilla.
  • There are no tabs or bookmarks
  • No trace of your browsing for others to track.

LastPass – generates and stores passwords

  • This app is the best deal available for you to generate and store an unlimited number of passwords.
  • The app then auto-fills the password into the website and app login screen
  • App also stores information such as credit card numbers for easy entry into online forms.
  • All logins are encrypted and synced through the Cloud so you can access everything via your computer through apps or your browser.

CloudFlare’s – use free WiFi anywhere without worry

  • App encrypts connections between iPhone and cloud-based security service
  • App provides basic virtual private network, not a full-fledged VPN
  • Optimizes internet traffic rating so the Warp speeds your surfing
  • A paid version of $4.99/month provides a higher speed version.

OoklaSpeedTest – speed check your system to determine why downloads take so long or videos are choppy

  • App tells you if your connection is to blame.
  • Determines whether or not you can get enough bandwidth when switching from a data-capped cellular service to a free WI-Fi hotspot connection.

GoogleDrive App – Google’s cloud storage plan

  • This app gives you 15 GB of storage for FREE; Apple’s iCloud storage gives you 5 GB
  • App works across all platforms
  • Drive’s iPhone app lets you view/share/edit Google work documents like Google Docs or Sheets from anywhere
  • Can upload unlimited cloud backloads to GooglePhotos when you shoot images/videos on iPhone

Overcast – direct access to your podcasts

  • By tapping the app, you’ll get a summary page of the podcast series you’re interested in plus a listing of the podcasts episodes so you can sort through them in either ascending or descending chronological order
  • App saves time and is simpler to use that the Apple Podcast app that requires multiple steps for sharing and deleting.

Jumbo – Locks down your online accounts by upgrading the process of your security settings

  • Hooks up with nine mobile apps such as Amazon, Alexa, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Gmail, Chrome, etc.
  • Automatically pulls up AND explains your privacy options such as turning off Twitter’s location tracking
  • Deletes recent searches in YouTube and Google Maps
  • Monitors whether or not your email address is/has been involved in any known data breaches.

Apple Support – app provides direct links to text or call Apple Support

  • No having to search for Apple Support phone number or searching through Apple forums or support pages to find answers to your questions
  • Fastest, quickest, easiest way to get quick advice and solve problems with your Apple devices
  • This app is NOT pre-installed on your iPhone

Weather Underground – more detailed and comprehensive weather information than the pre-installed Apple weather app

  • Scroll through upcoming week for hour-by-hour details about wind speed/direction, humidity, cloud cover, etc.
  • $3.99/month paid membership for faster information so you can build smart forecasts and be alerted to ideal weather conditions

MultiTimer – six timers (in free version) that can be run simultaneously and can be set to different intervals

  • Labels, duration, color coordination etc. are fully configurable
  • Great for keeping track of calling times, meetings, appointment, etc.


Thanks to Fast Company’s Sean Captain for source material.

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