Key Highlights

  • Proximity rules – people come and go close to where they live
  • Internet searches for out-of-town renters now predict migration before that migration occurs

ApartmentList researched internet searches from June1 – December 31 2019 in areas with a minimum 2,500 inbound and outbound searches for a total of 157 cities. ApartmentList also looked at the origins of inbound searches and destinations of outbound searches to help determine where people want to go.

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Denver was the most desired destination by out-of-towners. Most of these searches originated from Washington DC In Los Angeles, people searched the most for options in Phoenix.

Cities Renters Wanting to Move To, according to ApartmentList 

         City                                                Search Origin

  1. Denver                                            Washington DC
  2. Baltimore                                         Washington DC
  3. San Diego                                        Riverside CA
  4. Tampa                                             Orlando
  5. San Francisco                                  San Jose
  6. Boston                                            New York City
  7. Seattle                                            Portland OR
  8. Charlotte NC                                    Raleigh NC
  9. Houston                                          San Antonio
  10. St. Louis                                         Chicago


Cities Renters Wanting to Leave, according to Apartment List

Searched From                                      Destination

  1. Orlando                                            Tampa
  2. Riverside                                          Los Angeles
  3. Detroit                                             Cleveland
  4. Chicago                                            Indianapolis
  5. Charlotte NC                                     Raleigh NC
  6. Washington DC                                 Philadelphia
  7. San Francisco                                   San Jose
  8. Los Angeles                                     Phoenix
  9. Portland OR                                     Seattle
  10. Baltimore                                        Washington DC


Thanks to ApartmentList and the New York Times’ Michael Kolonalsky for source data.

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