What to DO.

1.    Mindset.  Start with gratitude that your business can’t be ‘shuttered’.  The MLS isn’t closed.  Your listings aren’t closed.  Your pendings WILL close!! Be grateful you don’t work at a restaurant, bar or office.  Be grateful your income is dependent on YOU, not on your boss’s ability to make payroll.
2.    Communicate ALL DAY LONG.  For once in your real estate career, everyone is home, all the time.  Start with your leads.  DO set appointments.  Meet buyers at the house they’re interested in versus putting them in your car.  Go video the house for them if they don’t want to be out.  Make offers contingent on final viewing.  Do your listing appointments and CMA presentations using Skype, Zoom, etc.  Modify HOW you’re having appointments versus not having them at all.

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3.     Call 100% of your database.  Start with the F-O-R-D conversation starter.  Talk about interest rates. Talk about homes selling quickly and for top dollar still.  Offer a new CMA.
4.     Continue your ‘pop by’ Corona Survival Kit but add a $5 or $10 gift card to your basket for a local grocery or pharmacy.  Lots of great examples on our Facebook page for Premier members.
5.     Take your business virtual.  Home tours, buyer and seller presentations, CMAs.  You need to know how to do all of this ANYWAY! This is the best excuse to clean up your virtual business.

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