Key Highlights

  • Tools, tech and tactics needed for marketing properties and showing them safely at distance
  • Tour types
  • Tour cameras
  • Tour software
  • Tips and tricks
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This Part IV of a summary of Inman Handbook on Creating Online Home Tours focuses on tips and tricks regarding online home tours. You know the drill:

  • Stage the home BEFORE you do the video
  • Let your sellers know about the different tour types and your thinking of choosing one over another
  • Know the MLS content rules
  • Learn the camera & app BEFORE you do the video tour
  • Declutter the property – buyers see everything
  • Lighting is crucial – create your video tour during the “golden hours” of the early morning or early evening, NOT in the middle of the day

Here are some tips and help on doing online home tours via an iPhone from Trevor Thompson, a professional photographer and videographer, and Troy Palmquist, founder and broker of The Address in Southern California:

  • Check camera settings on iPhone
    • Make sure camera settings are to 4K at 60 for sharper, cleaner video
    • Can slow footage by roughly 50% to make video look smoother
  • Activate the AE/AF Lock mode by pressing and holding on the screen
    • This enables stable exposure and focus point
    • Use wide-angle lens whenever possible to make the space look bigger and more open
  • Walk as slowly and steadily as possible for a smoother video
    • Practice 

Bottom line: since you are likely your harshest critic, create a video home tour that both engages you and that makes you hungry to see and learn more about that home, chances are that your video home tour will illicit the same positive feelings and actions in others.


Thanks to Inman.

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