‘To team…or not to team…that is the question’ It’s a common held belief in real estate that your goal should be to form a team. Often agents are pressured to form teams as the natural progression of their real estate careers. Few agents stop to ask themselves what the goal of a team truly is. Is the goal of a team to simply sell more (and more) homes? Is the goal of a team to win awards and receive endless recognition? Is the purpose of a team to make yourself think the buying and selling public will see you in a more favorable light vs a single agent? No wonder so many teams fail. What if the only purpose of the real estate team (or individual agent) was to produce PROFIT. It might surprise you to learn that it’s not uncommon for agents who ‘own’ big teams to make less personal profit every year vs one of their team members. In other words, the team leader…the agent who formed the team and takes all the personal risk and liability….makes LESS money, has LESS PROFIT than someone they hired to work with their buyer leads. Listen now and learn the drilled down, no BS bottom line on how to build a PROFITABLE, sustainable team.

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