Key Highlights

  • Real estate agents/brokers ahead of game in working remotely from any/everywhere
  • Tips below on what tech to use and when to use it

Real Estate Professionals Ahead of Pack in Working Where- and When-Ever

Real estate professionals have been working “on the road,” in their cars, in their offices, in their homes, in their local coffee shops, etc. for a long time now…well before other white-collar professionals who have been COVID-inspired to work at home and are now preparing to split their working hours between their office and their home in hybrid working arrangements.

Rather than having just one working environment, many will now have two.  (Real estate agents may have many more working environments.) And while switching back and forth between these working environments, many, like real estate professionals, will be working back and forth between different time zones and countries as work becomes more and more borderless.

Use Tech Intentionally and Deliberately

Some tech is great when collaborating with colleagues wherever and whenever are working.  Some tech is great when working with clients wherever and whenever.  And some tech, or “unplugging” from tech, is great to establish your boundaries when working in your  various home/office modes.

According to Emiliana Simon-Thomas, a neuroscientist who teaches the science of happiness at work for the University of California, Berkeley, said, “I’m seeing…more evidence of how important it is to be intentional and deliberate about the way we’re using technology.  How is (technology) supporting what I really want to do rather than pulling me in 15 different directions?”


Despite the popularity of remote apps like Zoom and Slack, studies indicate that the most effective communication tools are the most low tech tools.  Translation…when in the office, thrive with more face-to-face interactions and when at home, thrive by using the phone.

To Call?

Phone calls doubled during the pandemic.  According to a study by the Journal of Experimental Psychology, people felt more closely connected and enjoyed their conversations more when using the phone.

To Zoom?

Zooming exploded last year.  So did “Zoom fatigue.”  According to Stanford University researchers, maintaining close-up eye contact and seeing yourself in video chats can be “exhausting” since you’re sitting in front of a webcam for hours and hours while being unable to move.

When in your office, face-to-face conversations are most effective.  When in your home and your clients or colleagues are in different places, pick up the phone.

To Text and/or Email?

When you’re in one place and your clients/colleagues are in another, sending a text or email is fine for quick conversations or to set up a meeting.  For longer and/or more in-depth conversations, pick up the phone or do a video call.

Always use nuance and context when writing and sending anything.  No one likes being lectured to.

To Video Call?

Use video calls sparingly (remember, they’re exhausting) and when some sort of visual aid in a presentation is called for.  Use video calls when meeting your clients for the first time or just when it would be nice to see a face.

Respect Boundaries

Respect your own and others’ boundaries.  If you don’t want people to call/text/write/etc. you during your non-working hours, don’t call/text/write them during their non-working hours.

Use scheduling options on your various tech so you can write whatever you’re writing whenever you want and then send that message/email at a specific date and time

You can set your status to “away” or “on deadline” or “out of office,”  or “do not disturb,” etc. in Slack, Gmail, on your smartphones, etc.  You can also make a social media post to let people know that you’re not available now but will be at such-and-such a time/date.

And…KNOW WHEN TO SIGN OFF COMPLETELY in order to separate your working and personal lives.  Use an alarm clock.  Schedule a day.  Be relentless about not being “available” 24/7.


Thanks to The New York Times.


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