Real Estate Training | 5 Step System, Centers of Influence & Past Clients

One of the best consistent sources of real estate leads is your centers of influence and past client list. On today’s podcast, Tim and Julie Harris will help you to create and expand your centers of influence and past client list so that it will become a consistent incredibly profitable source of REFERRAL FEE FREE real estate leads. Remember, it is incredibly important that you understand the most powerful form of contacting someone is PROACTIVELY. 

Proactive communication: 

– Video call.

– A phone call.

– Face to face. 

Passive Communication:

– SMS/ Text.

– Email.

– Drip campaigns.

– Watch only videos.


Tip: Most people will deprioritize passive digital communication in favor of face-to-face or direct calls. Think about your own behavior, you chat with someone at the gym you remember that conversation….our brains are hard-wired towards person to person, face to face, voice to voice communication. 

Tip: You can reinforce proactive communication with passive but you can’t replace proactive communication with passive. 

Step #1: Be of service

Inflation, interest rates, war, and fear-filled media seem to be everywhere. Most people don’t know how to emotionally filter fear from their mindsets. Your mission is to contact your centers of influence and past with energy and enthusiasm and give them great news about the value of their home.  

Hint: Using this script will result in a very high level of appreciation directed towards you. Your call to them sharing with them the value of their home could be the best news they have heard in a long time. Mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for their appreciation and not rejection. 

“Hi, this is Tim Harris with EXP Realty….so listen, I am getting a ton of folks expressing concerns, and fears about the economy and housing market. I am calling all of my friends, family…people I know, love and care for….to give them the real bottom-line update of their home’s value so they don’t have to worry….I have this month’s update for you now!…..oh, and the best part is that it’s all great news!”

Next, give them an update. You can simply give them the average year-over-year appreciation rate.

“Mr. Owner, in the last 12 months homes in your market have increased by 20%! WOW, congratulations. Would you like me to do a personalized drill down on the value of your home in this market, I can email it to you later today…”

If they say “Yes” do the CMA, email it to them, and then CALL Back to answer any questions. At this point use the questions on our seller’s prequalification script to determine if they have the motivation to sell. Be prepared, you will find homeowners who are ready to sell. Move quickly and follow the HARRIS 7-step listing process. 

If they say “No” end the conversation by saying, “Ok perfect, I don’t blame you…you have a great home…I will call you this time next month and give you the updated home value information. Oh, by the way…who are the 2-3 people you know that I should be helping SELL (or Buy) a home in this market?”

Note: BE PREPARED. You will find homeowners that will want to sell now once they realize their equity position.

Note: CALL BACK next month on the same day and follow the same process. Over 2-3 months of consistent value-filled, being of service communication your COI/ PC will reciprocate by giving you referrals. 

Podcast Listeners, let’s talk. Many agents are worried about the housing market. We get it, Inflation, interest rates, and available homes for sale do require a new approach. Start here: If you want to get your head right, stop listening, reading, or associating with any negative influences.  That especially includes negative people. Next,  purge from your life anything related to the media. Set your mindset free. YES, there is a market shift happening. and YES you can thrive. You need a newly updated business and lead generation plan. We have it for you. The best part? Your coaching session is at no cost to you. Click this link to receive your complimentary coaching session NOW. <— Click that link and you choose the day and time for your FREE coaching session. 

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Step #2: Take the 30-day challenge.  30 coffee or zoom-coffee dates in 30 days.  Meet at Starbucks or your local coffee shop, bakery, etc.  If someone else in your database OWNS a place like this, meet there to support them!

How many of your past clients and centers of influence can you meet within a 30-day period?  What if you met with 2 at a time?  

When you meet, simply use your F-O-R-D memory jogger.  Family / Occupation / Recreation / Dreams.  When you talk about real estate, be positive and use this script:

“Real estate is amazing right now.  I’ve been so blessed to help so many people this year.  I’ve actually set a goal of helping 5 more families buy or sell real estate by the end of this year.  Whom do you know who I should be helping buy or sell?”

Step #3: Host small (covid-aware) events, ideally outside with 10 or so friends and past clients.  A barbecue, a Halloween party, a wine tasting, etc.  

Hint: Use your best friend the FORD memory jogger. Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams. 

Step #4: After virtually every conversation end the conversation with ‘Who do you know who I should be helping in this market sell or buy real estate’

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Step #5: Take the 3 x 4 challenge.  3 meet-ups per week for 4 weeks.  Use to find what interests you or re-engage in the things you used to do or know you enjoy to meet more people! Be yourself first, be yourself talking about real estate second.

3 categories to look for Center of Influence Expansion:

a) Things you like to do anyway.  Hobbies, sports, arts, etc.  Orange Theory.

b) Business networking for the sake of networking.  BNI, Chamber, Toastmaster, etc.

c) Charitable events.  Auctions, food drives, toy drives, fundraisers.

Extra help: 

Listen to the Introvert’s Guide to Being a Real Estate Rock Star podcast series.


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