Robert Earl from Choice Homes Team

Robert Earl from Choice Homes Team is a member of our real estate coaching team, and discusses what coaching means to him, how it helps clients, and why it's a valuable asset to any agent's career.

Michael Balsitis: Top-Producers Must Overcome Fear Of Rejection

Michael Balsitis joins us to talk about the qualities & values of top-producing agents, and to help us understand what goes into becoming a top-producer, as well as what it takes to stay on top of your game.

How to use DISC Personality Profiles to Make Money

Today we're discussing how to use the DISC personality profiles to communicate more effectively with leads, prospects, and clients - and ultimately how to close more transactions at a higher price.

Aaron Edwards from Zbuyer

Zbuyer is trusted by thousands of buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals nationwide as a source of top-quality real estate leads, and Aaron will be discussing what makes this platform so unique.

Think YOU Have What It Takes To Be A Real Estate...

Today we're discussing the qualities that go into making a successful real estate coach, and why those are qualities that every real estate agent & broker should embrace in their careers.

What Is Your Single BEST Source of Listing Leads?

Today we're going to discuss what makes expired listings such a wonderful opportunity for listing lead generation, and more importantly, we're giving you some insider tips on how to convert them.

How To Create Your Perfect Prospecting Environment

Today we're discussing your "prospecting environment", and how creating an optimal prospecting environment is going to give you better results, make more money, and save your valuable time.

Why Most Top Producing Agents Make NO Profit (Part 2)

It's heresy - but it's true! Most top-producers make almost NO profit in their real estate businesses. What are these top-producing agents doing wrong - and how can you avoid making the same mistake?

Why Most Top Producing Agents Make NO Profit

What are these well-known, top-producing agents doing wrong - and how can you avoid making the same mistake? Learn how you to make more money in your business and keep more of it as profit!

Scarcity or Abundance? Why Your Success Mindset Matters! (Pt 2.)

What you get out of real estate depends on what you're looking for - and it depends a lot on your mindset & perspective, too. Today we're discussing the ideas of scarcity & abundance.

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