Does it give you chills?  Are your palms feeling sweaty?  Is your mouth getting dry as you sit by the phone and imagine who could be lurking on the other end of the line?  If this sounds like you, you might just have a case of call reluctance!  Its a horrible affliction for any agent and its lethal to your business.  Like any sickness that gets you down, we first have to evaluate the cause, assess the symptoms and then issue a cure that will get you back on the phones in no time!

What is it about prospecting that makes you avoid it like the plague?  After all, its the thing that makes you MONEY!  Sadly, some agents are pretty good at it and still avoid it anyway. Other agents are terrified that the Buyer or Seller boogie-man is going to jump out of the shadows and hit them with objections they can’t overcome or crush their ego with a slam of the receiver.   So, what’s the solution?

Write this down and internalize it: Your #1 job in real estate is to create new business for yourself every single day!  Whether its your fear of success or your fear of failure, it doesn’t matter – this truth doesn’t change.  You can’t just call one person and expect that it will automatically turn into a closed deal.  With financing hiccups, buyers remorse or low inventory, anything can happen.  Becoming a pro at picking up the phone and getting the tough questions asked is what will make or break your real estate career.

How can you apply this new mindset and take action?  First, remember our mantra…”Do what you don’t want to do when you don’t wan’t to do it, at the highest level.” With this behind you, you can dial the next number, knock on the next door or hand out the next business card because you’ve decided that you’re going to be successful.

If you have excuses you’ve been holding onto as to why you can’t do this, its time to flush them!  Maybe literally?  Write them all down…every one you remember telling yourself and then kiss them goodbye as you feed them to your paper shredder!

Accept that it takes several ‘No’s’ to get to a YES!  When you do that, you won’t give up as easily as you know you’re just a call or two away from your next appointment or great lead!

Learn more about this in our Student Learning Portal. You’ll see yourself in several of the points and realize that while you’re not alone, staying in this space is a big no-no if you want to be successful for the long haul.



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