It’s no secret that real estate agents and brokers are utilizing technology more than ever before in the dailiness of their professional lives.  Everyone is!  From AI glasses to house furnishing apps to everything in between, technology is driving real estate agents and brokers to be more tech savvy than ever simply because their clients are.

Here are 6 Tech habits that most real estate agents and brokers, according to the National Association of Realtors’ 2017 Real Estate in Digital Age Report, have engrained into their professional lives:



  1.  93% of all real estate agents and brokers have websites.  99% of all agencies with a minimum of 5 offices have websites.  Of the 5-7% agents/brokers who do not have websites, size of the business may be a determining factor.
  2. According to this NAR report, information on websites is broken down into three categories: 97% of the information is dedicated to property listings; 80% of the website information is about the agents and staff members within that particular agency office;  mortgage and financial calculators are present on 62% of the websites.
  3. Real estate businesses arm their agents/brokers with a variety of software. Brokers/agents are encouraged to utilize multiple listings 88% of the time.  Real estate professionals are encouraged to both utilize and advocate comparable market tools in order to motivate their clients to act.  85% of the websites utilize electronic contracts and forms and 82% utilize electronic or e-signatures.  63% of the websites promote utilization of documentations, operations tools and/or management tools.
  4. 94% of agents/brokers prefer utilizing email communications to be in touch with their clients.  90% of the agents/brokers text their clients and 34% utilize instant messaging.
  5. Because technology evolves and flat-out changes so quickly, 51% of the real estate businesses with 3 or more offices admit that it takes a good deal of effort to stay up-to-date with the technology resources available to them.
  6. 56% of agents/brokers do not use drones.  Some 18% say that they intend to use drones in the near future while some 11% hire outside drone operators. 12% say that someone else in the office uses drones in order make “drone” information available to office agents/brokers and clients alike.

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