Tim & Julie,

I cannot begin to tell you how refreshing it is to listen and be a part of this program. I hesitate to call it a program because I see it as more of a movement than a program or just coaching.

I jumped into the sales side 5 years ago and went to my Broker and asked him how to build a business.  His answer will shock you…. “Buy Leads and I can buy leads for you and collect 50% of the commission.”  Well, that is a recipe for disaster and after changing brokers a couple years ago, I again asked the recipe for success from my new Broker and asked him the same question: How do I get business? His answer two years ago and today is “Get Listings!”  I asked him and the other agents in this office and they could not tell me how they got three times as many listings per agent as every other office in this market. Was I ever disheartened to hear the stories of how they went to school with this person, how this office has been consistently here for 30+ years and how our broker knows everyone in this community.  I have been clawing around to figure it out.

Since joining this movement (coaching) I have gone from 2 listings to 10 and sales have tripled.  My mindset has been realigned and am so excited for the next ten years. Three perspectives on time: Past centered= pessimist,  Present Centered = Hedonist and Future Centered = Optimist.

I am praying for you both and cannot overemphasize how grateful I am. Keep up the hard work of countering the lies that are thrown at us daily. Wish I had known years ago.

Thank you taking me on this journey

Don from Washington

(Don, That’s why we do what we do! We’re so glad that you’ve taken advantage of the tools we’ve given you so that you don’t have get bullied into buying leads!  Keep up the great work!  It sounds like agents are going to start asking YOU how you do it! – Tim & Julie)

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