Help your sellers make cost effective decisions about home renovations while they prepare their homes for sale.

The general rule of thumb when talking with contractors, architects and renovation specialists – only put money and time into home projects that can reasonably be expected to get a comparable return on investment (ROI). Here are some ROI renovation projects to consider:

Fresh Paint 

Nothing says, “Look at me,” like a fresh coat of paint. If the walls underneath the paint are showing signs of wear and tear, apply spackling paste to cover up holes, cracks, dents, etc., before getting out your paintbrush. Think about making a statement by accenting a wall or two with a second color or wallpaper but be careful with this…buyers often have different tastes than sellers.

Kitchen Updates

Forget about moving gas lines and/or plumbing. These things are subject to approvals plus they usually take LOTS of time and money.

New appliances are always welcome to new buyers and those appliances can be made by GE, Kitchen Aid or Whirlpool rather than Wolf, Sub Zero or Viking unless the house and/or kitchen warrant high end brands. Also, use stainless steel in moderation.

Instead of installing all new counter tops, think instead of installing new backsplash accents to give the kitchen additional color and texture. Also think about updating kitchen cabinets by re-staining/repainting them and by adding new hardware and/or and handles.

Totally new counter tips and new cabinets are expensive and neither is likely to give you the ROI you’d like. Besides, if the buyer doesn’t like the cabinets or counter tips, they’ll rip them out and replace them themselves.

Bathroom Updates 

Forget a full bathroom renovation if at all possible. Again, just like kitchen cabinets and counter tips, if the buyer doesn’t like the bathroom as is, they’ll rip it out and replace it on their own.

Think instead about simple upgrades such as a sliding glass door instead of a shower curtain. If the bathtub is pocked and/or worn, hire a pro to re-glaze it. Re-caulk the whole area around the tub. Re-grout the tile if it’s faded.

Go for modern/minimal lighting updates. They add depth and texture to the space.

Avoid Structural Floor Work

Forget about replacing floorboards and/or brand new flooring installations. The costs of materials and labor are simply too much.

Instead, think about waxing, sanding and/or re-staining floors. Just like a new coat of paint, nothing says, “Look at me,” like newly stained floors.


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