Seems like many of us have insatiable appetites for the rich and famous. Questions such as who is dating who, what is Angelina Jolie wearing, where are and what’s inside are Oprah Winfrey’s houses, etc. come up all the time, even if we personally are too embarrassed to ask them.

LendingTree, America’s largest online lending marketplace, set about determining which cities in the US have the largest share of million dollar homes. Take a look at its findings:

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  • 57% of homes in San Jose’s metro area are worth +$1M. San Jose’s median home value comes in at $1.09M, more than triple the national median home value of $272,100 as of September 2019, according to the National Association of REALTORS®.
  • 42% of homes in San Francisco are worth +$1M. The median home value in San Francisco is $910,300.
  • 19% of homes in Los Angeles are worth +$1M. The median home value in the City of Angels is $650,300.
  • 14% of homes in San Diego clock in at +$1M. San Diego’s median home value is $606,200.
  • 11% of homes in Seattle are worth +$1M. The median home value in Seattle is now $487,400.
  • 10% of homes in New York are valued at +$1M. Median home value in New York is $457,100.
  • 6% of homes in Boston are valued at +$1M. Median home values in Boston come in at $464,600.
  • 1% of homes in Washington DC are valued at +$1M. Median home value in DC is currently $433,200.
  • 6% of homes in Miami are now valued at +$1M. $298,800 is currently the median home value in Miami.
  • 4% of homes in Denver are now valued at +$1M. The median home value in Denver is $420,600. Denver is the first and only non-coastal city to join this roster of cities with eye-popping shares of +$1M homes.

Thanks to LendingTree for all source data.

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