Key Highlights

  • Personal content fuels leads
  • Ideas for content that resonate – create content that expresses your comprehension of what consumers need, want and fear in the home buying process
  1. Create content that focuses on consumer needs
    1. Make videos that are short and professionally produced that intend to educate
      1. Emphasize the most interesting features of a listing
      2. Make one-minute tips for buyers & sellers while standing in front of the listing
      3. Answer questions from buyers and sellers
      4. According to Chris Scott, a digital marketing expert with Austin’s The Popular Agent, “…videos that include dialogue…is a step beyond lead generation. These are conversations about what is necessary for the sale to take place or to solidify a prospect as a customer.”

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  1. Create different content for different platforms so you can stack leads who feel as though they know you
    1. Facebook – share updates with your sphere of influence
    2. LinkedIn – platform for thought leadership
    3. Twitter – share commentary and customer service tool
    4. Instagram – good showcase for the beauty of listings via photos and short videos
  2. Host events to stimulate interactions
    1. Housewarming parties
    2. Car shows
    3. Painting classes
  3. Focus on connections with long-term potential
    1. Become active in local business/service groups
    2. Set follow-up appointments for coffee/lunch with people you met at events
    3. Track the number of referrals you get from each connection
  4. Develop relationships with human resource professionals
    1. These people know what their employees want/need in terms of housing.
  5. Treat your referrals like gold
    1. Shannon Buss, GRE, SFR broker-associate at Randall REALTORS® in Rhode Island texts video introductions of herself to new referrals and other real estate professionals to begin building rapport.

Be Cautious with these Four Tactics:

  1. If you’re not going to engage with a networking group, don’t even bother attending.
  2. Use personalized scripts, not generic ones.
  3. Use cold calling in conjunction with social media, free downloads and email marketing.
  4. Use direct mail sparingly. Do flyers and postcards really work for you?


Thanks to Realtor Magazine’s Mandy Ellis for source material.

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