Key Highlights

  • Investors across the board more committed to real estate investments going forward
  • Preferred assets focused on multifamily, last-mile industrial and niche asset classes

Real Estate Crowd-Funding Ecosystem Maturing

After the JOBS Act opened the door to fractional, passive real estate investments to accredited investors, the real estate crowd-funding ecosystem was born.

During Q4 2020 and Q1 2021, despite greater volatility and elusive yields in our current low-interest rate environment, accredited investors were enthusiastic about the various types of CRE assets offered via online real estate investing platforms.

Key Takeaways from Survey Research by EquityMultiple

  1. Investors are more committed to real estate investing in 2021 than they were pre- pandemic.
  2. Investors focused on multifamily, last-mile industrial and niche assets classes that “appear” to be recession proof.
  3. Self-directed investors prefer real estate crowd-funding for real estate investing.

Most Favored Types of Real Estate Investments

Investor participants in the EquityMultiple survey overwhelmingly focused on multifamily real estate.  In fact, multifamily assets scored 25% higher than industrial assets, the next most-preferred property type.  Many multifamily markets across the US are continuing to benefit from low rates of home ownership, diversifying economies (particularly across Sunbelt metros) and notable shortfalls of market-rate housing.

Industrial assets include warehouses, fulfillment centers and last-mile. Clearly, these investors believe e-commerce is here to stay and will only grow.

Niche property types came in third.  Niche assets include data centers and self-storage.  Cloud services represent the present and future for both data storage and 5G technologies across multiple industries.

What Real Estate Investors Want from Investing Platforms

In a nutshell and in this order, investors want crowd-funding real estate platforms to provide top quality in the following areas:

  • Due diligence and underwriting measures
  • Deal flow
  • Historical track record
  • Reporting that includes asset performance and tax documents
  • Customer service

These preferences represent the notion that investors using crowd-funding real estate platforms are self-directed investors.  They believe they are self-sufficient enough to choose/invest in deals that are consistent with their overall investment strategy.


Thanks to EquityMultiple.


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