Start with how many ‘work’ days you actually have left this year.  Sept 7th to December 31st = 151 ‘actual’ days.

151 Actual Days minus the following assumptions:

42 weekend days (if you work half the weekend, use 21)

2 Halloween days (maybe more with kids and events)

7 Thanksgiving days

10 Christmas / New Year’s

5 sick days

5 miscellaneous days

10 bad weather / bad attitude / not working


= About 70 work days before December 31st.

Homework?  Figure out how many days YOU will be working the rest of this year.  Put a big green dollar $ign on those days and an X on the days you won’t be working and / or days you know no one in your market will be working, like Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks.  Be realistic so you can PLAN for your success!

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