10 Secrets How To Stop Worry And Doubt | Real Estate Coaching

Today’s show is Part 1 of 3, 10 Secrets How To Stop Worry And Doubt | Real Estate Coaching. Ask yourself are you an anxious person and desire inner peace and calmness? Would your daily life be more enjoyable without stress washing over you?  Do you feel triggered more than you used to?  This podcast series is designed to re-center you, to help you focus on what’s right and peaceful in your world, and to give you new thoughts and strategies so you can flourish by living your best life. It’s normal to feel worried, to feel stressed, and occasionally be overwhelmed. We will share ideas on how to move forward past those success stifling emotional states. As you lead yourself forward you will leave a path for others to follow. This podcast series is designed to take your stress and anxiety levels down significantly, but more importantly, to give you specific strategies by which to live a better, more peaceful life. 

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Perhaps the best teachers (ever) on this topic are the Stoics. 

What is Stoicism and how can it make you a better person?

Stoicism is a school of Hellenistic philosophy founded by Zeno, in Athens in the early 3rd century BC. (That’s over 2000+ years ago) How could this possibly apply to our modern daily lives?  Because Stoicism is a philosophy of personal virtue and ethics governed by its system of logic and its views on the natural world. It asserts that the practice of virtue is both necessary and sufficient to achieve a contented state of being—flourishing by means of living an ethical life.

Let’s take the Stoic Marcus Aurelius for example.  He was a Roman Emperor as well as a Stoic philosopher.  During his lifetime, there was heavy warfare, plagues, many conflicts, and family dramas.  He had good reason to be anxious, but how did he handle it?

Marcus Aurelius kept journals, which are full of notes to himself on how to ‘escape anxiety’. (Note: read Meditations by Marus Aurelius) Aurelius wasn’t alone, though.  The other Stoics had a lot to say about this as well.  Epictetus for example, said that ‘the most important task in life was determining what we could control and what we couldn’t’, so as to alleviate anxiety. Important note: Most if not all of what we are about to share with you has been used as the foundations for all major religions, philosophies, and of course…. self-help gurus. Paul the Apostle was known for his teachings that he derived from the Stoics. Seneca and Jesus Christ were contemporaries both having been born in 4 BC. Seneca’s brother appeared in the Bible. Seneca offered practical and actionable advice about overcoming what he defined as ‘pre-suffering’ or self-inflicted stress. In other words, how to overcome feeling overwhelmed in a world that oftentimes is indeed overwhelming. 

So, in honor of our Stoic philosophers, let’s get practical and tactical about what can be done to have more peaceful and fulfilled lives, dropping at least some of our daily anxieties.  Seems pretty appropriate for our modern times, right?

1 – Marcus Aurelius tells us to take things one step at a time, to remember that accomplishments accumulate.  It’s important to make the right steps because both negative and positive accumulate.  This can apply to virtually everything in life and in business.

2 – Practice gratitude.  We are lucky to be alive.  Don’t take it for granted, because then you are wasting your life.  It’s called ‘the present’ because it’s a gift.  Find happiness NOW, in this present moment.

3 – Marcus Aurelius said.: “Remember that you don’t have to have an opinion about that.”  Maybe you just see things as they ARE, without branding the situation good or bad.  It’s simply a piece of information.  Your projections or beliefs may not be necessary. ‘It’s too soon to tell’ philosophy!


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