How To Stop Negative Thinking Dead In It’s Tracks

Research shows that 98% of our thoughts are the same after day, we repeat the same positive or negative thoughts and feelings over and over again.

Doug Breaker & Mark Tepper from

We're joined today by Doug Breaker, CEO, and Mark Tepper, the SVP of, to discuss the powerful search capabilities of this remarkable real...

What Is Holding You Back? (How To Think BIG)

Sometimes getting into a rut happens when we make lots of rules for ourselves, focus on the details, and forget about the big picture... SELLS OUT to News Corp. (How It Affects YOU!)

Breaking News! Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. announced yesterday that it will be buying Move.Com for $950 million. This affects every single agent in the...

Vince Meza from Listings-to-Leads

We're joined today by Vince Meza with Listings-To-Leads, who talks about the remarkable lead-generation capabilities of their proprietary web platform, and explains why "Facebook...

BROKERS: 7 Things You Should NEVER Say To Your Agents

Brokers set the tone for their agents, and what they say (and how they say it) can have a giant impact on the sales...

Gabriel Gross from RealBird

Today we're joined by Gabriel Gross from RealBird to discuss this bold new All-In-One online marketing product for agents that delivers buyer & listing...

Dan Corkill from Follow Up Boss

We're joined today by Dan Corkill, the founder of Follow Up Boss, a unique lead follow up tool that empowers agents to respond faster,...

J.J. Love, “The Agent With A Heart”

Nashville top-producer J.J. Love puts her heart into helping buyers find the home of their dreams, and earned the nickname "The Agent With A Heart" because of her exceptional level of care.

Real Estate Coach? 5 Must Ask Questions When Interviewing Coaches

Hiring the right coach can transform your real estate business, so today we're going to examine some of the key qualifications that separate a...

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