Danny Loschiavo from BoldLeads on Seller Leads

We're joined today by Danny Loschiavo, the co-founder of BoldLeads.com - an innovative new platform that helps agents generate seller leads - and he joins us to discuss generating & converting seller leads in today's real estate marketplace.

Are Rich People Happier? (You Might Be Surprised)

Is money "the root of all evil", or are rich people actually happier and more well-adjusted? Join award-winning real estate coaches Tim & Julie Harris as we discuss a new study that dispells the myths about being rich, and get sage advice on how to continue your path to riches in today's real estate market.

Spokes On Your Wheel, Lead Generation and Beyond

In today's special encore presentation, award-winning real estate coaches Tim & Julie Harris discuss what “spokes in your wheel” means and how your lead generation, conversion, and ultimately cash-flow will be stronger by building more than just a few strong spokes.

Terry Gilliam on SmartZip Predictive Marketing

Terry Gilliam joins us from SmartZIP Analytics to discuss their innovative approach to cost-effective geographic farming, and explains how this remarkable new real estate technology made SmartZip one of the hottest real estate startups in Silicon Valley.

Buying Buyer Leads: Smart Business Move or Waste of Money?

In today's special encore edition, we touch on the cost and value of buyer leads, and offer practical advice on how to make the best investment when you purchase real estate buyer leads.

7 Biggest Agent Time Wasters

In today's special encore presentation, we tackle the 7 biggest time-wasters for real estate agents, and give you tools to stay on track, make more money, and avoid making mistakes that waste your time & drain your energy and optimism.

Russ Cofano from Move.Com on the News Corp. Acquisition

Today we're joined by Russ Cofano, Vice-President of Industry Relations for Move.Com, to discuss the recent announcement that News Corp will be purchasing Move.Com.

Americans Face Post-Foreclosure Hell

Thousands of Americans who lost their homes during the foreclosure bust are about to experience another round of financial humiliation as deficiency judgements being springing up around the country

Andy Woolley from Homes.Com

We're joined today by Andy Woolley, the Vice-President & General Manager of Homes.com, to discuss their success as one of the largest listing portals in real estate.

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