You do NOT have to learn everything the hard way: tune in to today’s episode & learn to avoid these incredibly common 10 mistakes that agents make over and over again.
Today we discuss Brian Tracy's "Law of Accumulation", and give you solid, practical advice on how to put it to work in your business to build long term financial security, prosperity, and peace of mind.
Today we're discussing 10 things that most agents seem to insist on learning the hard way- and for the open-minded folks in our audience, these are lessons that you may not have to learn first-hand
Maybe you like buying leads, you hate accountability, or you've already got a mentor in your office - or maybe you already know everything that coaching can teach you. These are some of the common reasons that people list...
Success isn't easy - and making it last is even harder.Today we're taking a hard, honest look at long-term success, and how you can make it last.
Fact: Every day, you’re either self employed or self un-employed. Your actions determine your outcome. Your actions must be dollar productive for you to succeed. Today, we're discussing the only 7 things that make you money in real estate .
Today we're discussing the single most important key to success that you need to fully understand before you can achieve success in real estate. Know it, accept it, live it, and practice it to succeed!
Yes, being persistent is a valuable asset in our trade, but don’t mistake being downright stubborn for healthy persistence. When the going gets tough, the smart leave — so know when it's come to go!
The fickle nature of the marketplace is a industry, but it doesn't have to be the determining factor over lasting success in your career. You do have a choice!
More sales, more listings, more money, more stress! Today we're discussing how to manage the stress of your success - and how to structure your schedule & your business to actually enjoy that success!