Have you ever been un-friended on Facebook or alienated because of your politics, religion, diet, habits, or other personal reasons that you posted?
No money? No problem! Learn how to survive the difficult times as we discuss the "Real Estate Survival Plan" on today's episode.
Learn how to identify your strengths & potential weaknesses in your presentation, and hear practical advice on how to improve the way you come across to others as a real estate professional.
We're going to be discussing moments of truth, and providing you with 20 proven secrets based on them that will help you to dominate your market.
Simply put, the 'Daily Success Game' is an activity tracking system that real estate agents use to keep track of their activities and help to keep themselves focused on the dollar-productive activities.
In every income producing activity, energy is critical! What's the solution? Learn how to check your "temperature" to see if this all-too-common mistake is the reason you're not landing the client.
That feeling of being in the zone — that’s your momentum, and it’s crucial to keeping you optimistic, focused, on track and productive. Let’s take a deep dive into what momentum is, how to get it and how to get it back if you lose it.
In today’s episode, we discuss time management and explore how it truly affects your business. If you’re beating yourself up over not managing time more effectively, tune in and find out what this really means for your real estate income.
When Jen and Jean got serious, their business took off — hitting 60 transactions in 2014, then exceeding 100 in 2015. Where does it go from here?
Today we’re discussing the process taking your dreams, turning them into goals, setting milestones to achieve them and ultimately doing the work to transform your vision of success into a reality.
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