We've all got bills to pay & every agent needs more money in the bank, and in today's episode, Tim & Julie Harris discuss 7 proven strategies for success to help you make money NOW in real estate.
Developing expertise in real estate takes time, patience, and hard-work. Today, Tim & Julie Harris discuss the stages of learning that go into becoming a true real estate expert.
Today we're going to tell you how to avoid heartbreak and maximize your opportunities for career-growth & income by finding a fantastic real estate brokerage to work for.
Every great financial achievement is an accumulation of hundreds of small efforts - so what are you making today that contribute to your long-term financial stablity?
Will coaching send you to collections? That's exactly what's happened to thousands of agents. It's a practice that's harming the industry and gives coaching a bad name.
In response to the tragic murders of Ashley Okland & Beverly Carter, over 350 agents have signed a new "Realtor Safety Pledge" to limit risky behaviors.
Thousands of Americans who lost their homes during the foreclosure bust are about to experience another round of financial humiliation as deficiency judgements being springing up around the country
Hiring the right coach can transform your real estate business, so today we're going to examine some of the key qualifications that separate a truly great coach from the rest of the pack. Before you commit to a coach,...
Sometimes we get off-course in our careers, so it helps to recognize the warning signs that we're not making the most profitable, productive choices that we should be. Today, Tim & Julie Harris discuss the 5 early warning signs...
How effectively do you manage your time - and is it possible to manage it more effectively? Is poor time-management really costing you money? In today's episode, award-winning real estate coaches Tim & Julie Harris discuss time-management, and explore...

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