Need Leads? Proven Lead Generation Systems That REALLY Work.

Snowed in? It's still winter, but that doesn't mean you can hibernate and expect to achieve success! Today we're going to focus on achieving success despite the snowy weather & winter blues.

Make Money With New Construction Builder Reps

Today we're discussing how to effectively work with builder representatives for new construction homes, and how that can lead to a wealth of listings & leads for agents in today's marketplace.

Are You WASTING Money On Lead Generation?

Don't miss today's episode where we give you an overlooked opportunity to get more leads than you can handle for a fraction of the cost you'd pay online.

Spokes On Your Wheel, Lead Generation and Beyond

In today's special encore presentation, award-winning real estate coaches Tim & Julie Harris discuss what “spokes in your wheel” means and how your lead generation, conversion, and ultimately cash-flow will be stronger by building more than just a few strong spokes.

Buying Buyer Leads: Smart Business Move or Waste of Money?

In today's special encore edition, we touch on the cost and value of buyer leads, and offer practical advice on how to make the best investment when you purchase real estate buyer leads.

Phone Prospecting Secrets That Actually Work

Don't miss this opportunity master the secrets of producing your own leads to ensure that you won’t need to use paid lead services ever again!

Should You Get A .Realtor Domain Name?

The National Association of Realtors® is pre-registering .realtor domain names and claims that having one will give you a competitive advantage. But will it?...

Open Houses: Lead-Generating, Cash-Producing Secrets, Part 2

Many agents are terrified of open-houses, but today we continue our discussion of why holding an open-house can be a remarkable revenue-generating, lead-creating tool...

Open Houses: Lead-Generating, Cash-Producing Secrets & Tips

Award-winning real estate coaches Tim & Julie Harris discuss open-houses, and share tips, tricks, and insider secrets on how to successfully host an open-house...

Influence & Persuasion: Getting People To Say “Yes”

Today we're going to discuss some basic principles of persuasion and along with practical examples that you can use to improve your salesmanship. These...

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