A Great New Source For Highly-Motivated Seller Leads

We're joined today by Jim Sullivan & Tim Yandell, from “All The Leads”, offering high quality real estate seller leads to agents nationwide. What exactly are "high quality leads"? Just a hint - they don't come from internet inquiries.

Your 12-Month Lead Generation Plan (Part 4)

In today’s show, we’re discussing a 12-month plan that includes seasonally tailored events that help you engage your COI throughout the entire year with real, valuable activities.

Your 12-Month Lead Generation Plan (Part 3)

It’s fall, and a lot of agents start to slow down this time of year — but trust me when I tell you that there huge opportunities out there in your market, so don’t use the upcoming holiday season as an excuse to take the winter off.

Your 12-Month Lead Generation Plan (Part 2)

In today's episode, we're continuing our discussion of a step-by-step, 12-month lead-generation plan to help you maintain & effectively prospect your COI and past clients.

Your 12-Month Lead-Generation Plan

There are many ways to generate new real estate business, but your Center-Of-Influence (COI), is definitely one of the big ones. Today, we're going to discuss how to expand your COI to help keep it full of fresh, new prospects.

Proven Prequalification Scripts & Strategies (Part 3)

With the leads you're generating, you need to ask whether you're focusing on the motivated, qualified buyers & sellers. You need to focus on the leads who are in the best position to undertake transactions

12 Step Recovery Plan To Break Your Dependence on Buying Leads...

Tim & Julie Harris present a 12-step plan to overcome buyer-lead addiction. If you're powerless over buyer leads - if your life has become unmanageable - then start your road to recovery on today's show!

12-Step Recovery Plan To Break Your Dependence on Buying Leads

They're $20 each, only 5% convert - that's $400 per qualified lead! With quality like that, maybe Zillow should be paying YOU - not the other way around. There is a better way - and today you'll learn it!

Robert Schantz from Keller Williams

We're joined today by Robert Schantz, a California Real Estate Broker with an impressive background in sales & marketing, technology, and media, selling in the San Diego Marketplace for Keller Williams.

What Is Your Single BEST Source of Listing Leads?

Today we're going to discuss what makes expired listings such a wonderful opportunity for listing lead generation, and more importantly, we're giving you some insider tips on how to convert them.

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