Are You WASTING Money On Lead Generation?

Don't miss today's episode where we give you an overlooked opportunity to get more leads than you can handle for a fraction of the cost you'd pay online.

Jenna Weinerman from Updater

We're joined today by Jenna Weinerman from Updater, who describes for us this web-based service that helps people who are moving organize and complete all of their moving-related tasks.

Dylan de Bruin on the Realtor Safety Pledge

We're joined by Dylan de Bruin, the broker-owner of Century 21 Signature Real Estate in central Iowa, who's going to discuss the Realtor® Safety Pledge and how agents can stay safe.

John Thomas from Deductr

We're joined by John Thomas, the CEO of Deductr an innovative startup that helps busy agents & small-business professionals to easily capture, organize, and itemize tax deductions.

Should YOU Take The Realtor Safety Pledge?

In response to the tragic murders of Ashley Okland & Beverly Carter, over 350 agents have signed a new "Realtor Safety Pledge" to limit risky behaviors.

How Do I Become A Listing Agent?

You have to list to last! The key to long-term career success as a real estate agent is in becoming a listing agent - so don't miss today's special encore presentation.

Feel Motivated Every Day….In Every Way (Part 3)

Motivation leads to action, and ultimately to results - in real estate, that's the difference between becoming a top-producer or feeling trapped in a sales rut.

Feel Motivated Every Day…..In Every Way (Part 2)

Tim & Julie Harris continue a discussion simple, effective, motivational techniques you can use to get motivated, feel better, and get back on track to becoming the top-producer you know you can be!

Brian Pesin from Contactually

Real estate agents & brokers are adopting CRM systems at a rapid pace, and we’re joined today by Brian Pesin from Contactually to discuss the remarkable growth of this new CRM in real estate, and what makes it the platform of choice for real estate professionals.

Feel Motivated Every Day…..In Every Way

Life isn't perfect, and it's easy to focus on the little things that bring you down, dampen enthusiasm, and ultimately take you off-track. Don't let life's distractions and the bumps along the road interfere with your ability to get motivated and keep moving forward in your career!

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