12 Ways To Boost Your Confidence In Real Estate (Part 2)

Being confident in real estate is a make-or-break quality of a good agent. Most clients won't know your actual level of skill, but they can easily tell if you feel uncomfortable about doing your job. If you come across like you're winging it, it'll end up killing your career.

12 Ways To Boost Your Confidence In Real Estate

Knowledge equals power and it equals confidence! Today we're going through 12 key points that you can use to help boost your confidence in real estate.

How To Be A Confident Listing Agent (Part 3)

When it comes to listings, confidence and preparation go hand-in-hand. If you're not prepared, you don't know the market, or you don't look the part, then your confidence will suffer, and you'll end up losing listings.

How To Be A Confident Listing Agent (Part 2)

Today we’re discussing some of the key factors that give you confidence as a listing agent, and how you can quickly and easily make changes to your preparation, appearance and mindset to ensure that you win the listing every single time.

How to Be a Confident Listing Agent

You've got to list to last - but for many agents, the thought of becoming a listing agent leads to a lot of anxiety! Yes, being a listing agent is different than working with buyers - it requires a lot of mental labor instead of the physical work that you're used to.

The Truth About Time Management

In today’s episode, we discuss time management and explore how it truly affects your business. If you’re beating yourself up over not managing time more effectively, tune in and find out what this really means for your real estate income.

Warning Signs That You Need A Coach

Maybe you like buying leads, you hate accountability, or you've already got a mentor in your office - or maybe you already know everything that coaching can teach you. These are some of the common reasons that people list that are indicators...

The REAL Reasons You Aren’t Rich (Part 3)

Is ‘rich’ an evil or bad word in your personal culture? How have you been defining ‘rich’ thus far? Today we're going to discuss what being rich truly means, and why this is a crucial reason that you haven't yet attained the riches you're seeking.

The Real Reason You Aren’t Rich (Part 2)

Today we’re continuing our discussion of why you’re not rich and offering practical changes you can make to start changing your mindset, building wealth and moving toward a favorable financial position.

The Real Reason You Aren’t Rich

not-rich-yet-1200 What’s the definition of rich? It’s when your money is working for you and you are no longer working for your money. Simple, right? Today we’re going to discuss what being wealthy truly means.

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